Housewife Vs Career Woman Essay

  • Being a housewife is shameful!

    It is 2013. Do something real with your life. It is embarrassing that women are still wasting their lives and education on menial unfulfilling child care tasks. No educated women should be doing this--save it for the hired help. I have no respect for women who leech off of their husbands.

  • Working women are more respected than housewives.

    Unfortunately yes, working women do get more respect than housewives. Many people think it's easy to stay at home all day and watch the children and take care of all the things around the house, but it's probably just as difficult as a typical job. The only problem is, being a housewife doesn't pay the bills and in today's world, that's how people are judged. Our day to day lives are so expensive that most families require two working parents. In the families that are able to get by with only one working family, being a housewife is seen as a luxury only afforded to the wealthy.

  • Yes, unfortunately they are.

    Yes, I think that working women are more respected than housewives. This is unfortunate, because I think that many housewives work just as much (if not more) as working women. My older sister is a housewife with six kids all under the age of seven, including triplets who are a year old. She works so hard. Harder than quite a few working women I've come across, from what I can tell.

  • Are and should be.

    Professional women deserve to be acknowledged more because of all the additional efforts a job requires. Education is the entire process of specialization leading to that specific position in the work force. Any woman can become a housewife because there are no sets of acquired skills needed for that role. In other words, motherhood is innate to a woman. What sense of accomplishment can a woman get from fulfilling its biological purpose? For example, if I become a nurse practitioner, I am a nurse AND a housewife by default if I get married. Seriously, what makes you think that motherhood is a job? A woman who transcends her biological AND social determinisms is more commendable. Housewifes who think they take better care of their husband, children and house aren't as meek as they pretend to be because a female clinical biochemist can not only contribute financially to her household but also be a better mother than you all. Meekness is a virtue and I CAN be an exceptional housewife because I WANT to.

  • Yes they are more respected and deserve that respect more than a house wife

    House wife's are also respected but up to a certain level, like once the kids are in full time education there is no reason for her not to get a job unless she got to so used to being at home and not in the workforce and can't be bothered to work as it's more stressful and boring and you can't spend as much time doing the things you enjoy, so they tend to say there a full time mum instead, unlike working mums they work to earn extra money for the kids and not relying on the husband and also has time to look after the kids on days off and when she comes back but some how housewives can't do that or find how they do it.

  • Unfortunately, it could be.

    From the harsh fact of the social value, workmother generally gain more respect than stay-home mom. Social value is very important for people to define their social status and identity. Unfortunately, women who stay at the home generally rely rely on their husbands , without financial foundation, the housewives are very easily being discriminated, being called superior creasures. When they facing the unfair cheating or divorce , they could easily to lose their power and strength to find financial fund to raising themselves and fighting for the custody of the children. If there not too many female lawmaker, judge, lawyer in court, consider these kind of risks for women, I doubt the equality would come so easily. People who stay at home to raising their family shouldn't been against and discriminated, however, the society and government needs more workforce for potential development, for future, so, people should think a better option let women could balance this, let the smart technology to helps people for taking care family, even to replace women to deliver the baby, and let them have more chances to work, making more outstanding, high level social work achievement. That is how we should think about the future, emancipate the productive forces from people.

  • But everyone deserves respect.

    I think today's society looks down on housewives. The love of money and achievement is prized and if you take care of children at home your merely a babysitter. Highly sensitive persons have a real difficult time being housewives because of this. I know because I am one. I am a caregiver to my daughter who is disabled. All achievement springs from envy of our neighbors. I think every human deserves to be treated with dignity and respect no matter what they do.

  • Working women are respected more.

    Most women who work are respected more than housewives although it shouldn't be the case. Just a working women gets out of her bed in the morning to do a job, so does a housewife. Many housewives work harder than women with jobs, but the work is undervalued due to the view of society.

  • No one but stay at home moms respect stay at home moms.

    Your husband doesn't respect you, your kids won't respect you, and society doesn't respect. And most of the time it's obvious that stay at home moms don't even respect themselves. If they did why would they choose to be an unpaid, docile, lifeless loser slave. You really want to work your butt off for someone to be able to say to you I earn the money, I decide what we do with it? What about WHEN, not if, he cheats on you? You will be left with nothing, you'll have to try and restart or start a career after years. What's especially laughable, is the stay at home moms who complain about food stamps. You don't have a right to complain about people leeching off the government as a lazy jobless, depressed loser

  • Don't complain about men being superior over women if you think that working women should be less respected than housewives.

    Housewives are so lazy, all they do is drive the kids to school and go home and get fucked by the milk man. All they talk about is their boring lives as they go to their yoga classes; as they try to "find" themselves. My mother is a doctor who hasn't been a housewife at any time in her life and plans to work well into her older years. Working women deserve much more respect than useless housewives.

  • No because...

    Women with careers often have a higher degree of education. Even though they might not be home all of the time, they have the means necessary to educate their children better. A stay at home mother can only teach as much as she knows and if this is only the sphere of domestic duties the child will grow up knowing how to be a housewife and the circle will be perpetuated.
    A major general finding from social science research is the strong association between children's well-being and families socioeconomic background consisting particularly of human capital; such as innate or learned skills, educational attainment, psychological and health status, personal or psychological resources; resiliency, positive outlook, motivation, and "social capital"; such as community ties, relations with neighbours and friends. This is also based to a lesser extent on income; in 1994-1995, for children aged 4-5 years in Canada mean family income in a two-parent family was $64,000 with a working mother and $46,000 with a "non-working" mother; in a single mother family, mean income was $26,000 with a working mother and $15,000 with a "non-working" mother. So therefore there is a good chance that those families with a career woman will be better educated and the better the socioeconomic group the better the prospects of the child.'Family Background, Family Income, Maternal Work and Child Development', Human Resources and Skills Development Canada, (Oct. 1998)

    Yes because...

    To say a mother without a career is a worse mother because she is somehow less intelligent is making a mockery of women's autonomy of choice. Many well qualified women stay at home to look after their child out of love and passion. A argument that career mothers are better because they are more capable to educate their child is not applicable anyway, as surely the level of education a child needs before entering schooling can be taught by anyone and certainly will not include complex accounts management or advance trigonometry!!!

    This argument implies that a better educated parent will make a more intelligent child. That is ridiculous.As long as the child is well looked after, fed three times a day, given the opportunities to explore, with a warm shelter and a roof over their heads the parents are doing a good job.

    Even if the career women are more intellectual and can be more stimulating to the child's mind, you must factor in having to work late into this complex equation. Many career driven parents won't be home until after the child has gone to sleep and as such the 'education' that they can pass on is already limited.

    I wanted to state that I disagree on the idea that 'housewives' are less educated. I have worked when I needed to. Right now I can stay at home, and I love it. I teach my boys the alphabet,numbers,colors, shapes,we go outside and do various activities, cook,clean, and the list goes on. My children are learning responsibility within the home, and also enjoying their childhood; by having educational fun. My husband drives truck, and he is not home very often. We hope that as the children get older he can stay home longer. He enjoys that, and it shows the boys the "work side" of life as well. My boys can also travel with him when they are 10 years old. I was a Certified Nursing Assistant, and I am soon getting my Associates of Arts in Healthcare Administration (in case,or when I decide to work). We also have the internet, and a public library. I can teach my children about everything under moon. I read once that many people today are wishing they rent. Instead of having burden on their home, and mortgage. I don't mind renting, not having fancy technological gadgets, and not paying an expensive car loan. My children also don't get showered with presents during birthdays, and Christmas. Life is not about materialistic qualities. It depends on the parents views, and what the parents decide is best. I believe either decision can be worked out.

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