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Perception, Motivation and Behavior Within Organizations Essay

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How Perception Influences Motivation and Behavior within Organizations There are a lot of factors that affect a person’s behavior or that will influence their motivation. As leaders it is important to try and understand these underlining factors to be able to improve decision making and outcomes for the organization. One area that can have a big impact on behavior and motivation is perception. Perception is described by Gibson, Ivancevich, Donnelly, & Konopaske (2009) as the individual’s need to organize information from their environment in a way that makes sense to them. In addition, different individuals will give their own meaning to events around them resulting in no two individuals perceiving the same events in the same…show more content…

As a leader when you are able to see a situation from the other person’s perspective you have a much better chance of influencing their behavior towards common goals.
Perception Regarding New System Employees’ perception regarding a new process, procedure or program can cause difficulty in the work place if these perceptions are causing them to be reluctant to needed changes. For example, Joan worked for 15 years using an old antiquated manual system. The company wanted to update their accounting by using a computer based program, but Joan was resisting the change. As the manager you have to find out what her concerns are. Is she afraid that she would not be able to learn the new system; is she concerned they will not need her to do the job anymore; or does she just not understand how the new computer system will be any better. Understanding what she perceives to be the issue is the first step in being able to help her accept the needed change and make the transition to the new system much easier. Therefore, the best way to address the employee’s concerns is to talk with them about what they think some of the issues are with the new system. It is important to let the employee speak freely without offering any solutions at this point. Only ask clarifying questions to make sure you fully

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Essay Organisational Behaviour and Motivation

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Organisational Behaviour and Motivation

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Organisational behaviour is described as 'A field of study that investigates the impact that individuals, groups, and structure have on behaviour within organisations, for the purpose of applying such knowledge towards improving an organisations effectiveness.'
(Robbins and Millet and Cacioppe and Waters-Marsh, 1998, p.10). An important area within organisational behaviour is motivation.

Herzberg describes the main problem in business practice is, 'How do I get an employee to do what I want him to do' (1991, p.13) Motivation is a word that is used to describe how eager a person is to complete a task. 'Motivation is the set of processes that arouse, direct and maintain human…show more content…

Inkson and Kolb discuss the issue of expectancy theory, which is how an employee values the outcome of putting in a lot of effort in order to achieve a goal. ?Motivation declines when there is uncertainty of the lineages between performance and effort? (Inkson and Kolb, 1999, p.327) Outcomes can include bonuses and or praise (extrinsic rewards) and feelings of accomplishment (intrinsic rewards).

Herzberg doesn?t believe in the giving of bonuses in order to increase productivity. Herzberg states that ?Hunger, a basic biological drive makes it necessary to earn money, and then money becomes a specific drive? (Herzberg, 1991, p.16). This means that once employees start being rewarded with money they won?t be able to work without it. Another firm believer of this is Kohn who states, ?When reward systems fail don?t blame the program, look at the promise behind it.? (1993, p.54). Kohns article describes incentives, as only bringing temporary compliance and once the rewards run out people will revert back to their old behaviours.

Serious issues with incentives also include employees telling their superiors that everything is under control when it isn?t, just to save their bonus. Kohn then states that ?There are very few things that threaten an organisation as much as a hoard of incentive driven individuals trying to curry favour with the incentive dispenser? (1993, p.56).

As described by Robbins demotivation can also

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