Essay About Preventing Car Accidents

Car accident, otherwise known as car crash, auto accidents, road accidents, or car wrecks, is a condition in which one vehicle collides with another vehicle or some object in the road, thereby resulting either in injury of a person or the damage of a property. Sometimes, road as well as bad weather or environmental conditions also lead to car accidents. It is estimated that about two million people die of car accidents across the world per year.

How to Prevent Car Accidents
Discussed further in this article are some of the effective tips that help you prevent car accidents to a large extent.

1) Follow traffic rules and regulations.

2) Put on seat belt while driving.
Wearing seat belt would be annoying for many people. But, this is highly vital, as wearing seat belt would reduce the chances of road accidents. Not only drivers, passengers including adults and kids are also recommended to put on seat belt. In some nations, it has been even made mandatory to wear seat belt.

3) Defensive Driving
One of the best ways to avoid car accidents is to be a defensive driver. You may be a cautious driver, but it is not necessary that you would be able to overcome a reckless driving. But, being a defensive driver, you could foresee probable road crashes. Also, a great way to avoid road accidents is via being courteous. Being courteous makes you more cautious and intends you to not race against other vehicles.

4) Dont Drink & Drive
According of records, one of the prime causes for car crashes is due to drunk driving. This happens when a driver operate a car or vehicle while being under the influence of drugs or alcohol that may lead to mental as well as motor skills imparity. Many of the fatal accidents are because of drunk driving. But, drunk driving is completely preventable. All you have to do in order to avoid road crashes as a result of drunk driving is to refrain from taking any kind of harmful drugs or alcohol.

5) Dont Speed while driving
You can also minimize car accidents via maintaining a constant speed as well as through leaving a safe distance between your vehicle and other vehicles. Also, a useful tip to avoid road accidents is by adjusting mirrors properly and via checking the side as well as rear mirrors at least in every 15 seconds. 

6) Becareful when at Intersections
Intersections are considered a prime cause for many road accidents. Hence, special care must be taken when proceeding through intersections by looking left, then right, and then again left side in order to ensure that the area is absolutely clear. Apart from these, have a clear idea on the road conditions. This would be highly beneficial when you drive during rainy or winter season. 

7) Other useful tips to avoid road accidents; 

  • Avoid cell phone when driving
  • Keep your car's lights on when driving at dusk and dawn and during rainy seasons.
  • Check your car in regular intervals, ie constantly monitor its tires, brakes, lights, and mirrors 
  • Have a clear idea regarding the limitations of your car 
  • Keep your vehicle in good working condition 
  • Always keep your vehicle neat and tidy 
  • As far as possible, avoid driving during night 
  • In addition to avoiding alcohol and other dangerous drinks, it would be better to avoid taking some food items while driving such as coffee, hot soups, barbequed dishes, soft drinks, and chocolates
  • Driving a quality car could help minimize road accidents to an extent!

Although, in recent years, several innovative campaigns have been arranged to avoid car accidents, still car crashes occur frequently. They are mostly due to rash and careless driving, lack of patience and during bad weather and winter season. Drive carefully and safely.

Road accidents have been and will continue to be one of the greatest health hazards. Statistically, it has been shown that the number of death and injuries due to road accidents. It has been increasing steadily. Why these road accidents, occurring in our daily routines? Is they forgot road safety rules? There are many causes of road accidents but, personally, I think the most important factor which contributes to road accidents is the irresponsibility of the drivers. Drivers must at all times, abide by the safety regulations of the road and most importantly they take care to the speed limits or stick to a speed which will allow one to stop within a safe distance. They must be cautious especially on wet roads and pedestrian crossing. Typical examples of drivers practicing unsafe habits are, drivers who cut people off in traffic, they don’t care of people who are crossing roads and break signal.

Another reason is the condition of roads: the poor infrastructure of road designs, which leads to accidents, through which drivers can’t get the grip to their vehicle, and there are many reason of accidents! But the main work is how to overcome this problem? What can we do to improve road safety for children and adolescents? Road accident is increasingly becoming a major killer. What can we do to address the issue? As the roads are very busy nowadays, we should be very careful when crossing one. We must obey all traffic rules. Also we must make sure our vehicle are in good condition with working brakes, lights etc. Don’t be get drunk while driving; always be careful A driver should always make sure they are wearing their seatbelt. Headlights are another part of road safety.

Headlights should also be used at night so that you may see the road and any obstructions in your way. Obey the sign boards what they are guiding you. You should only concentrate on your driving, rather than talking on mobile. If you’re offhand about traffic rules will cause immediate accidents. Even though, patience in traffic plays the major role in preventing road accidents in traffic. Road traffic safety refers to methods for reducing the risk of a person travelling on road. Remember, safe driving may not allow be cool but it will save your life and the life of others.. “Driving faster, can cause disaster. Drive less and drive smart”

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