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It is compulsory to get benefits from education for both Man and Woman. World is incomplete without education. Those nations succeed whose persons are educated. The examples of progressive countries are in front of us. If the literacy rate in any country is higher than that country must be developed and progressive. Those countries that are facing backwardness have low literacy rate. One cannot recognize Allah without education and cannot do any work in this earth correctly. In every era it needs education and training. Likewise, no one can deny the importance and benefits of education in the latest world. With addition of new subjects the process of their queries and compilation are also flowed. Women education meaning is the education of women. As education is compulsory for males it is also compulsory for female too. No nation can progress until their women start working equally with men. Man and woman are the two wheels of vehicle of life. If both wheels don’t work properly than it cannot reach at its destination. Islam has not discrimination between men and women in acquiring knowledge like other walk of life. Prophet (P.B.U.H) Said:

“Seeking Knowledge is a duty upon every Muslim (Male and female)”.

Taleem e Niswan Essay In Urdu

It is reality that learning and training started after birth from Mother’s voiceless and remain till last breath. A mother can provide good education and training to her child. If education contains the love, care and affection of mother than education become easier and effective. There is a woman behind every successful man either she is the mother of Sikandar-e-Azam or the mother of Shiwa G. It is said that “the Hands that rock the cradle, rule the World”

“You Educate a Man,

You Educate a Man…

You Educate a Women,

You Educate a Generation!!!”

The works of history strengthen this phrase. Today when we look at the world than we come to know that how world is facing revolution. It is true that a woman can perform multi characters in her life. Some time she is mother and sometimes she is daughter and in every character her duties became different. It is compulsory to educate for a woman to perform these all characters. If a woman is illiterate than she convert a home into hell. Therefore it is compulsory to get education for women like men. In our era whatever the problems are taking place are the symptoms that there is some negligence in education and training. Man only can be man if he understand knowledge otherwise education became accuse to him. Therefore every woman should get education because religion gives freedom to get education in limits. Today’s world can get success in every walk of life by staying in limits.

Taleem-o-Tarbiat (Urdu: تعلیم و تربیت‬‎) (in English: Education and Training)[1] is a children's Urdu-language magazine published by Zaheer Salam of Ferozsons[2] in Lahore, Punjab, Pakistan.[3]

History and profile[edit]

Taleem-o-Tarbiat was established in 1961.[4] The publisher, Ferozsons, claims it is "Pakistan's oldest" children's magazine.[5] A 1961 edition of The Pakistan Review said "Among Urdu writers Saeed Lakht, Editor of Taleem-o-Tarbiat, is the most popular with the children."[6] Ayasha Syeed, writing in Living Our Religions, said "I still have fond memories of Taleem-o-Tarbiat, my favorite childhood Urdu language magazine, that we received on a subscription basis. This periodical was full of stories and anecdotes that carried Sufi wisdom, adapted for children."[7]

Common topics in magazine include: praises, Na`at, Islamic education, poetry, jokes, painting gallery, golden words, and Pakistan's history,play of 10mins,riddles.[8]

The famous novels published in TOT include Angothi kahan gai, Dhoop chaon, Gharhay me Lash, Robinson Crusoe, ghaibi insaan ( The Hollow Man) and ak mandik ak ullu ( A Toad for Tuesday ) etc.

Noted writers

Noted writers for the magazine have included Syed Dilawar Ali Meerza Adeeb. Syad Lakht, Saleem Khan Gumi, Bakht Rasa, Younas Hasrat etc.

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