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They USED to be good. I will evening before was Odesk but when it changed to Upwork I got cheated. I hired someone to do a job they never completed yet the company kept the money. Approach with caution.

After my unsavory experiences on Upwork, I felt it was important to warn other potential Users of the following: -Upwork uses offshore agents, like Paypal, like eBay, and a number of other SF Bay Area tech companies trying to get off on the cheap. If you want a company with customer service agents based in the U.S., Upwork isn't it one of them. -Upwork's draconian rules and regulations are murky, deceptive and entirely difficult to understand. Trying to get a straight answer from their offshore customer service agents is an absolute joke. -If you've suffered a downright unprofessional experience from Upwork, don't hesitate to contact the BBB: You see, what Upwork has failed to understand is that as Americans, we still have a right to work with trustworthy, helpful companies based here in the U.S. regardless of the fact that they may use offshore customer service agents. If you've had a negative experience with Upwork or any of their associated companies, DO contact the Better Business Bureau.

Adding to the pool of ugly Upwork business practice truths. Upwork has a "loophole" that allows them to steal your money if a hiring party doesn't pay. This includes taking your money from other, honest, hiring parties, meaning a freelancer can work for several parties and receive NO PAY for their time. Upwork, not wanting to bother with collections from dead beat hiring parties, rather than take responsibility on their part, chooses to penalize the hard working freelancers. This is BEGGING for a class action law suit and report to the BBB and local news stations. Their attitude is "oh, well, we have a clause in our agreement that allows us to do this, so, uh, that's cool." No. Not cool. time to be taken to school.

I was a freelancer (graphic artist) for many years, now I'm hiring people to help me with my startup. My experience with them is they have horrible CS for employers. or was it just my "Upwork Talent Specialist" Tristan Santos who was MIA? He wouldn't even bother reading my questions let alone answering them with anything but a cut and pasted reply, 5 days later, that in was clearly an answer for a common question I did not ask. I asked him to call me multiple times, it never happened. I left a message for a his department that was never returned by anyone. My results with the freelancers were mixed. 1 was a horrible communicator and the other was great in all ways. Upwork's job is to help facilitate a connection. I know I avoided a couple scams to get to the people I got which means Upwork isn't effectively screening them out. I'm still searching for good freelancer site, message me if you know of one!

Up Yours Upwork! How has this boil on the butt of the workforce not been shut down? "Customer Service" does not exist. Any e-mail response just reads like a robot regurgitating the same slop. They are really reaching calling themselves an "Employment Agency." Over a dozen "representatives" asked me for various forms of ID about 20 times. My profile is live on their site but I can't apply to jobs before my ID is properly "verified." Does this mean I've even been approved by this fish brained company? Or even if my ID is finally approved are they going to tell me I am not approved for some other reason. Most importantly, I'd really like to know if the employers have to pay me through Upwork, or once we exchange e-mails can I just tell them I only accept Paypal? No way do I trust these shysters to actually pay me.

I'm a freelancer and I've been using Upwork for a while. This website seems like a really good idea at first, but it does absolutely nothing to protect the freelancers on it's platform and they do absolutely everything they can to take make money off of their clients and freelancers, taking advantage of every step of process they can. Here are some examples: 1. They take a 20% commission of your income. If the job rate is higher than $500 then they'll take 20% off of the $500 and 10% off of anything going over that amount. They also charge you a fee for every single time you withdraw your earned funds to your bank/PayPal ($2 for every withdrawal through PayPal). 2. After a job is completed it does not prompt the client to release the payment and so freelancers have to ask them to do so and if the clients don't release the payment, freelancers are stuck in a 14 day waiting period. The clients have already funded the job and think they've already paid and freelancers don't want to pester clients about releasing the payment and risking receiving a bad review. And so you have to wait 14 days PLUS as soon as you get paid, the funds are not released to you until 5 days later (this used to be 3 days but they've extended this period since I first wrote this review) and so this waiting period is actually 19 days. I find it SO RIDICULOUS that they charge 20% + make you wait 14 days + make you wait 5 days + take a fee when you withdraw your earnings. It seems very unfair, they are taking 20% of the full earnings, is that not enough? It's like they have to take advantage of every single step in their process. 3. Upwork provides freelancers with no protection in turn for this commission and fee. Example. I accepted a job and completed it, and didn't get paid. Turns out the client was not prompted by Upwork to actually fund the job which it should before starting a project and they nearly got away with not paying me. I needed to hound them for over a month to get my payment through. Why does the system not prompt the client to pay before hiring a freelancer? That seems very standard to me. Upwork then told me I should not have accepted the job without making sure the client paid. So I had to start telling clients: I'm sorry Upwork has advised me not to start a job unless it's been fully funded (wow how fun for me). I would assume the system would be set up in a way these things would happen seamlessly not to put freelancers in a risky position like that. 4. Rating system is flawed. Neither freelancers nor clients are prompted to rate or close a completed job, and so often jobs will stay open and go unrated. This seems to be a recent development as I have not had this issue before. And this would be fine but if a job is not closed and goes unrated by the client, it will impact your feedback score negatively. All my ratings are 5 stars and my score has gone from 100% to 89% even though I have only 5 star ratings. This is due to the fact that three of my jobs stayed open and were not rated by the client. This has never happened before. Would you not think that jobs would naturally close after work was submitted and payment was received? And if not, should both parties not receive emails about it, telling them to close the job and leave feedback? None of that happened and honestly I sometimes think they are implementing changes just to annoy people. This rating calculation is very misleading to clients and sooooo unnecessary. clients will look at this rating and think that my work is not good, but merely what it means is that the client didn't leave feeback. There's absolutely nothing I can do. When emailing Upwork about this they told me that I should hunt down the clients and ask them to leave me feedback. Great, thanks Upwork. 5. If you don't get paid for a job every 30 days your profile will become invisible and you will not be in the talent pool presented to clients. I've found myself fussing over Upwork SO. MANY. TIMES., often not understanding how these practices can be in place, thinking I can't be the only one annoyed here. Low and behold, I come on Yelp and there are almost solely 1 star reviews. This is no coincidence. I've had countless conversations with Upwork about these issues only to receive more frustration and they just continue adding more and more unpleasant updates. You'd think that taking such a large commission would make them value their freelancers and strive to create a good platform that people want to keep working on, right? Nope. When you google Upwork you will see a 5 star review from 500+ people under their website. My guess is these are the reviews clients and freelancers give one another for jobs and Upwork is trying to make it seem like these are reviews for their platform. Well, I've been on there for about 2 years and I've never once been asked to rate their platform, so.... nice try Upwork. Right next to this Yelp displays their rightfully earned one star rating.

A LOT OF ISSUES WITH UpWork: 1) Hiring a freelancer on Yelp is more expensive than having an office with employees in their location. 2) Freelancers leave inaccurate reviews about your company at times. 3) Freelancers lie about wages and get more through UpWork than what was agreed upon 4) UpWork ends chats when you are frustrated with how they operate. STAY AWAY, if you need cheap labor, open up an office in the Philippines to hire talent!

The highly-recommended freelancer who accepted my project on Upwork shortly began asking for more money than stated in the project outline. When the worker began asking for another milestone payment after essentially doing nothing, I had had enough and cancelled the project. This immediately went into dispute and upwork held onto my funds until resolved, locking up the much needed funds that would allow me to find someone else to complete my project. In addition, Upwork refused to refund a payment already released to this, their RECOMMENDED freelance. Extremely disappointed. Freelancer was MUCH better. Once my current project with them is complete, will not use again and won't suggest the site to others.

I came to upworks excited to find Accredited , Licensed professionals I could get simple drawings done without driving to a agency. Problem is they dont tell you till paid, you do not get an accredited signed drawing. They refuse to sign their work and take no responsibility for it. As we all know, its useless with out a signature and no one else is going to sign off on someone else s work! $1000 out the window for work I can not turn in. Scam....or make sure you get it in writing up front they will be signing their work!!!

Freelancer was a convicted Felon! Beware of freelancer NATHAN S HAGEMAN, Claims to be a Phd and medical doctor. UCLA grad. Okay so what the hell is he slumming on UPWORK for 25.00hr? I didn't know he was a felon until running a background check and that was after offering him a contract worth 200.00. Again,it was weird that a UCLA PHD working for 25.00hr. That told me something was off . Sure enough, the few dollars for a background check confirmed my gut feeling. He never denied the criminal record. In fact he claimed I was at fault for slandering his good work at UPWORK and wanted me banned for upsetting his deception.

After filling out a long questionnaire online, I submitted it in the hopes of finding work. I have over 15 yrs of IT experience as Business Analyst and Project Manager. Upwork flatly rejected my submission for finding work. No reason given, What a waste of my time! You are disrespectful to people if you do not explain why you are rejecting them. In the absence of rejection criteria, I can only assume I need to be blonde and beautiful to gain entry into these hallowed halls, much like nightclubs reserved for celebrities. Is this company discriminatory and doing profiling of candidates? If you do not tell me why I was rejected I will have to assume it was discrimination. There is a lot of that going around in Silicon Valley.

I used this Agency to hire a Freelancer to do my Logo! I hired someone who said he could do the job in 20 hours. At the end he finished the job in 60 hours. I filed a complain and they ruled in favor of their freelancer citing fine print and log in history. I file a review of this freelancer but according to their rules freelancer has to approve their own reviews. This is a Joke. I would highly recommend to stay away from these people. Thanks

This company is a fraud. After working on it for 3 months and earning them a sizable commission on all my projects, they froze my account saying that a client I got through their platform was fraudulent and that I had to reimburse the money HE didn't pay them. This is after I submitted my work and they green lighted the project. They stole all the money left on my account and tried to get me to refund them the rest. How is the freelancer supposed to be responsible for their poor client vetting systems? Criminal, a scam, worst than Craigslist.

I'm a professional writer who decided to give Upwork a try at hiring a couple of ghostwriters. The experience was abysmal. There were plenty of people who were willing to do the work for cheap, but even those who commanded higher prices sent in cover letters full of improper grammar and punctuation. The two people I carefully selected seemed like talented writers on the surface, but were obviously not selected carefully enough. One submitted a decent finished product, but not the quality I was expecting. It still contained errors. The other didn't even know what the term BDSM meant, when the job description had clearly stated the story must incorporate it. The story was poorly written and only after three rewrites did the person finally admit they thought the term meant something else. The end result of that confusion was a horrible mess of a story. Overall, it was an unprofessional and unprofitable experience and I wished I could have gotten my money back, but there was no going back after hitting that hire button. Upwork obviously does zero vetting of their freelancers, so there's a TON of unskilled people to sift through. It was a waste of my time and money.

Would give zero start if I could. Requested logo for my compony and the top rated designer sent suggestions of slight modified logos OF OTHER componies. Thankfully Google Image search saved that day. The next top rated designer did sen awesome suggestion which I used in marketing material. Just few month later to be made aware of the design available on iconshare site. I was charged for many hours of work which turned to be just changing the colour. After contacting support they said it was not enough evidence to consider breach of contract. Because the designers can resell graphics... So much for original logo. Thousands and thousands of dollars in marketing material down to drain. If you serious get real freelancers not from a compony without morals.

Wow. Went through entire freelancer sign up process (why do they even need a picture of you?) and started taking (and passing) competency tests. About three hours later, I received an email saying that they wouldn't accept my profile because they have too many people in my line of work (data entry, etc.) registered. As soon as I hit the data entry button, they should have said, "sorry, we have no room for you." I imagine that aside from sales, data entry is pretty much the only thing left that they'd even have jobs for. Why would you turn away people without even giving them a chance? All that being said, from the reviews I'm seeing everywhere, I dodged a bullet.

Fraudulently Double Billed me - Complained - They responded by accusing me of a "Discriminatory" Action. So basically, when they RIP YOU OFF, when you complain, they call you a RACIST ABSOLUTELY INSANE Spoke w a "manager" Amber who stated that the "person" in particular she had addressed specifically before, and would again. Told me "It will be handled" Next morning.. I get ANOTHER email from ANOTHER employee - Keep in mind the contract was completed... old news.. I hadn't interacted with anyone.. and BOOM, they come and stick jab me via email. This is what this "org" is all about huh? Searching for UpWork reviews quickly reveals endless 1 Star Reviews from people all over stating the SAME STORIES ** UpWork Advice : STOP & QUIT THE BUSINESS ** This was my First Time Experience - Freelancer gave me 5 Star Feedback stating "My Best Experience Yet" - I also gave him 5 Stars... The actual Staff at UpWork - A TOTAL WASTE OF TIME AND SPACE WHO SHOULD FOLLOW THE LEMMINGS.....

Horrible company. Do yourself a favor and don't do business with them if you value your time. Saw the company response. Still laughing. Your support is the reason for the horrible review. I was working fine with great contractors. Then my acct was put on hold because risk decided there was a problem. I submitted docs and they were denied. 4 times I called support to find out why they'd tell me what to submit. I did and denied. Incompetent.

When I was using eLance I had absolutely no problems. When everything went to UpWork it was a total nightmare. The only good thing was finding an outstanding freelancer. Tracking and getting in touch with customer support is a total mess. They took a working website and did all they could to make it worse with a new one.

A one star review for a company that deserves a minus 5. Upwork is as insecure about even the slightest mention of "Paypal"in their chat, as Trump is about his little hands. A freelancer cancelled her payment by accident and this money was returned to my Paypal account. Upon being made aware of this issue, I approached my freelancer and without thinking much about it, expressed how this could simply be sent back via Paypal (thinking out loud), since the funds were returned there, immediately to express how probably this wouldn't work, since we would still need to go trough UpWork, since the fees needed to be taken again. I told my freelancer I would need to assess with an UpWork rep about what to do in this situation. I spoke to a rep, told them the money was already in my Paypal account and asked how to proceed with this particular situation, since I genuinely didn't know. I didn't want to re-hire this particular freelancer, since I wasn't happy with her performance and have to go through the give a review thing again. They explained what needed to be done and I sent the payment as a bonus. A few days later my account was suspended permanently and suggested not to even try to contact them since the decision was final an irrevocable. I started a chat conversation with rep "James" who literally simply gave me the same speech, like a brainless robot. I was still not understanding what actually went wrong and asked what happened, after which the robot kept on repeating the same info, stating that I've already been informed the decision was final and I was done. After asking one last time why, he simply closed the chat and denied me further access to the chat feature. I called them and received the same treatment, same speech to the dot. The rep even laughed at me to make things even better. He fake listened to my problem and proceeded to tell me he would file my request to the department who made the decision to kick me out, and that they would contact me via email. They responded at 9PM the same day with the EXACT same message they let me know they had kicked me out originally. I had about $1000 worth of contracts, which I pulled out immediatelly. I know it's not much in their eyes, but I would much rather pay via Paypal and skip doing business with them, pay their fees and deal with their totalitarian behavior towards users. It's almost like Putin is behind UpWork. SAVE your MONEY and look for different alternatives.

Hey Saxon,

Here's a simple Cover Letter I use, you might want to change it to your requirement and use it.


Respected Recruiter,

I read with interest your posting for Senior Web Developer.  I believe I possess the necessary skills and experience you are seeking and would make a valuable addition to your company.

As my resume indicates, I possess more than ten years of progressive experience in the Web Development and Web Administration field.  My professional history includes positions such as Senior Web Developer at Lism Inc as well as Empire Kred.
Most recently, my responsibilities as Senior Web Developer at Lism Inc match the qualifications you are seeking.  I assisted in the successful completion of Leafygills and Empire Kred.  My supervisor also relied on my ability to develop and work with servers.

I have attached my resume for your review and I look forward to speaking with you further regarding your available position.

Saumya Brata Dutt


Thanks !

Saumya Brata Dutt.

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