Stuart Poyntz Dissertation Outline


Stuart R. Poyntz is Associate Dean, Faculty of Communication, Art and Technology, and Associate Professor, School of Communication at Simon Fraser University. In 2015, he was a Visiting Scholar at the Children and Youth Research Centre, Queensland University of Technology and at the Griffith Institute for Educational Research and the Centre for Social Cultural Research Centre, Griffith University in Brisbane, Australia. He currently serves as President of the Association for Research in Cultures of Young People ( and Director of the Media Democracy Project.

Stuart’s research addresses children’s media cultures, theories of public life and urban youth media production. He has published three books, including Scene Thinking: Cultural Studies from the Scene PerspectivePhenomenology of Youth Cultures and Globalization: Lifeworlds and Surplus Meaning in Changing Times, and Media Literacies: A Critical Introduction, and has published widely in national and international journals, including the Journal of Children and MediaCultural Studies, the Journal of Youth Studies, the Review of EducationPedagogy and Cultural Studies, and the Canadian Journal of Education, as well as various edited collections.

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