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(Bang-e-Dra-120) Jawab-e-Shikwa (جواب شکوہ) The Answer To The Complaint

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Stanza (1)

Dil Se Jo Baat Nikalti Hai, Asar Rakhti Hai
Par Nahin, Taaqat-e-Parwaaz Magar Rakhti Hai

When passion streaming from the heart turns human lips to lyres,
Some magic wings man’s music then, his song with soul inspires;

Qudsi-Ul-Asal Hai, Riffat Pe Nazar Rakhti Hai
Khaak Se Uthti Hai, Gardoon Pe Guzar Rakhti Hai

Man’s words are sacred then, they soar, The ears of heaven they seek,
From dust those mortal accents rise, Immortals hear them speak;

Ishq Tha Fitna Gar-o-Sarkash-o-Chalaak Mera
Aasman Cheer Gaya Nala-e-Bebaak Mera

So wild and wayward was my Love, such tumult raised its sighs,
Before its daring swiftly fell the ramparts of the skies.

Stanza (2)

Peer-e-Gardoon Ne Kaha Sun Ke, Kahin Hai Koi!
Bole Sayyaare, Sar-e-Arsh-e-Bareen Hai Koi!

The skies exclaimed in wonderment, “Some one is hiding here,”
The wheeling Planets paused to say, “Seek on the highest sphere.”

Chaand Kahta Tha, Nahin, Ahl-e-Zameen Hai Koi!
Kehkashaan Kehti Thi, Poshida Yahin Hai Koi!

The silver Moon said, “You are wrong, Some mortal it must be,”
The Milky Way too joined converse, “Here in our midst is he.’’

Kuch Jo Samjha Tau Mere Shikwe Ko Rizwan Samjha
Mujhe Jannat Se Nikala Huwa Insan Samjha

Rizwan alone, my plaintive voice began to recognise,
He knew me for a human who had lost his Paradise.

Stanza (3)

Thi Farishton Ko Bhi Hairat, Ke Yeh Awaz Hai Kya!
Arsh Walon Pe Bhi Khulta Nahin Yeh Raaz Hai Kya!

And even the Angels could not tell what was that voice so strange,
Whose secret seemed to lie beyond Celestial wisdom’s range.

Taa Sar-e-Arsh Bhi Insan Ki Tag-o-Taaz Hai Kya?
Aa Gyi Khak Ki Chutki Ko Bhi Parwaaz Hai Kya?

They said, “Can Man now roving come and reach these regions high?
That tiny speck of mortal clay, has it now learnt to fly?

Ghafil Aadaab Se Yeh Sukkaan-e-Zameen Kaise Hain
Shokh-o-Gustakh Yeh Pasti Ke Makeen Kaise Hain!

How little do these beings of earth the laws of conduct know;
How coarse and insolent they are, these men who live below.

Stanza (4)

Iss Qadar Shokh Ke Allah Se Bhi Barham Hai
Tha Jo Masjood-e-Malaeek Yeh Wohi Aadam Hai?

So great their insolence indeed, they dare even God upbraid!
Is this the Man to whom their bow the Angels once had made?

Alam-e-Kaif Hai, Dana-e-Ramooz-e-Kam Hai
Haan, Magar Ijz Ke Asrar Se Namehram Hai

Of Quality and Quantity He knows the secrets, true—
The ways of humbleness as well If he a little knew!

Naaz Hai Taaqat-e-Guftaar Pe Insanon Ko
Baat Karne Ka Saliqa Nahin Nadanon Ko!

That they alone are blest with speech how proud these humans be,
Yet, ignorant, they lack the art to use it gracefully.”

Stanza (5)

Ayi Aawaz Ghum-Angaiz Hai Afsana Tera
Ashk-e-Betaab Se Labraiz Hai Paimana Tera

Then spake a Voice Compassionate: “Your tale enkindles pain,
Your cup is brimming full with tears which you could not contain

Asmangeer Huwa Naara-e-Mastana Tera
Kis Qadar Shokh Zuban Hai Dil-e-Diwana Tera

Even High Heaven itself is moved by these impassioned cries;
How wild the heart which taught your lips such savage melodies!

Shukr Shikwe Ko Kiya Husn-e-Ada Se Tu Ne
Hum Sukhan Kar Diya Bandon Ko Khuda Se Tu Ne

Its grace yet makes this song of yours a song of eulogy;
A bridge of converse you have formed ‘Twixt mortal man and Me!

Stanza (6)

Hum Tau Mayal Ba-Karam Hain, Koi Sayal Hi Nahin
Rah Dikhlaen Kise Rahraw-e-Manzil Hi Nahin

Behold, my hands arc full of gifts, but who comes seeking here?
And how shall I the right road shew when there’s no traveller?

Tarbiat Aam Tau Hai, Jauhar-e-Qabil Hi Nahin
Jis Se Taamir Ho Aadam Ki Yeh Woh Gil Hi Nahin

My loving care is there for all, If deserved but by few!
Not this the clay from which I can an Adam’s shape renew!

Koi Qabil Ho Tau Hum Shan-e-Kai Dete Hain
Dhoondne Walon Ko Dunya Bhi Nai Dete Hain!

On him who merits well I set the brightest diadem,
And those who truly questing come, a new world waits for them.

Stanza (7)

Hath Be-Zor Hain, Ilhaad Se Dil Khoo-Gar Hain
Ummati Baais-e-Ruswai-e-Paighamber (S.A.W) Hain

Apostate hearts and palsied hands Your earthly lives debase,
You all, to your great Prophet (PBUH), are Bringers of deep disgrace;

But-Shikan Uth Gaye, Baqi Jo Rahe But-Gar Hain
Tha Braheem Pidar, Aur Pisar Aazar Hain

Those idol‐breakers all have gone, You idolaters are,
Abraham was the father, you His sons, are but Azar;

Badah Aasham Naye, Bada Naya, Khum Bhi Naye
Harm-e-Kaaba Naya, But Bhi Naye, Tum Bhi Naye

Now stranger bands carousal hold, Strange are both cup and wine,
A strange new Kaʹba you have reared, Strange idols oh its shrine!

Stanza (8)

Woh Bhi Din The Ke Yehi Maya-e-Raanai Tha
Nazish-e-Mousam-e-Gul Lala-e-Sahrai Tha!

The tulip of the wilds once reigned the queen of blossom‐time:
In this once lay the quintessence of loveliness sublime.

Jo Musalmaan Tha Allah Ka Saudai Tha
Kabhi Mehboob Tumhara Yehi Harjai Tha

Once every true‐born Mussalman by Allah set his store,
This fickle‐hearted courtesan even you did once adore!

Kisi Yakjai Se Ab Ehd-e-Ghulami Kar Lo
Millat-e-Ahmad (S.A.W.) Ko Maqami Kar Lo!

Go, seek some constant mistress now, to her a new bond sign,
Muhammad’s universal creed to narrow bounds confine!

Stanza (9)

Kis Qadar Tum Pe Garan Subah Ki Baidari Hai
Hum Se Kab Pyar Hai! Haan Neend Tumhain Pyari Hai

To pray to me at break of day You now an ordeal deem,
Your morning slumber sweeter far— Yet you would faithful seem!

Tabaa-e-Azad Pe Qaid-e-Ramazan Bhari Hai
Tumhi Keh Do, Yehi Aaeen-e-Wafadari Hai?

The hardships of the fast oppress your natures—now grown free;
Such are your ways and you still would protest your love for me!

Qoum Mazhab Se Hai, Mazhab Jo Nahin, Tum Bhi Nahin
Jazb-e-Baham Jo Nahin, Mehfil-e-Anjum Bhi Nahin

Unto a nation faith is life, You lost your faith and fell,
When gravitation fails, must cease concourse celestial.

Stanza (10)

Jin Ko Ata Nahin Dunya Mein Koi Fann, Tum Ho
Nahin Jis Qoum Ko Parwaye Nasheman, Tum Ho

You love your homes the least among the nations of the earth,
You are the most incompetent in knowledge and in worth;

Bijliyan Jis Mein Hon Aasudah, Woh Khirman Tum Ho
Baich Khate Hain Jo Aslaaf Ke Madfan, Tum Ho

You are a barn where lightning stays, where ruin idle lies,
Ancestral coffins long entombed your only merchandise;

Ho Niko Naam Jo Qabaron Ki Tajarat Kar Ke
Kya Na Baicho Ge Jo Mil Jaen Sanam Pathar Ke

In turning graves to profit, you have proved yourselves adept;
Should idol‐trading offer gain of course you would accept.

Stanza (11)

Safah-e-Dehr Se Batil Ko Mitaya Kis Ne?
Nau-e-Insan Ko Ghulami Se Chhuraya Kis Ne?

Whose striving, from this world of mine, Its falsehoods did efface?
Whose toil, from age‐old ignorance set free the human race?

Mere Kaabe Ko Jabeenon Se Basaya Kis Ne?
Mere Quran Ko Seenon Se Lagaya Kis Ne?

And whose the brows whose worship filled My Kaʹba’s hallowed shrine?
Or whose the breasts which fondly held My ‘Glorious Book Divine’?

The Tou Aaba Woh Tumhare Hi, Magar Tum Kya Ho?
Hath Par Hath Dhare Muntazir-e-Farda Ho!

These were your great progenitors; You lack their brain and brawn;
You sit and wait in slothful ease for every morrow’s dawn.

Stanza (12)

Kya Kaha? "Bahr-e-Musalman Hai Faqt Wade-e-Hoor
Shikwa Be-Ja Bhi Kare Koi Tau Lazim Hai Shaoor!

And did you say, for Muslims I mere promises dispense?
Unjust laments at least should show some spark of commonsense.

Adal Hai Fatir-e-Hasti Ka Azal Se Dastoor
Muslim Aaeen Huwa Kafir Tau Mile Hoor-o-Qasoor

Eternal is the Law of God and Justice is its name,
Should infidels like Muslims live the meed shall be the same.

Tum Mein Hooron Ka Koi Chahne Wala Hi Nahin
Jalwa-e-Toor Tau Maujood Hai, Moosa Hi Nahin

Not a single one among you is longing for houris
The Effulgence of  'Tur' exists but there is no Moses

Stanza (13)

Manfa’at Aik Hai Is Qaum Ki, Nuqsan Bhi Aik
Ek Hi Sab Ka Nabi (S.A.W), Din Bhi, Iman Bhi Aik

Your nation’s weal, your nation’s woe, In common you all share,
Your Prophet (PBUH) and your creed the same, the same Truth you declare;

Harm-e-Paak Bhi, Allah Bhi, Quran Bhi Aik,
Kuch Bari Baat Thi Hote Jo Musalmaan Bhi Aik!

And one your Kaʹba, One your God, and one your great Quran;
Yet, still, divided each from each, Lives every Mussalman.

Firqa Bandi Hai Kahin, Aur Kahin Zaatain Hain
Kya Zamane Mein Panapne Ki Yehi Baatain Hain?

You split yourselves in countless sects, In classes high and low;
Think you the world its gifts will still on such as you bestow?

Stanza (14)

Kon Hai Taarik-e-Aaeen-e-Rasool-e-Mukhtar (S.A.W.)?
Maslihat Waqt Ki Hai Kis Ke Amal Ka Maayaar?

Who now forgetfully neglect My Rasool’s Law sublime?
And whose lives write them clearly down As servers of the time?

Kis Ki Ankhon Mein Samaya Hai Sha’ar-e-Aghyar
Ho Gyi Kis Ki Nigah Tarz-e-Salaf Se Baizar?

To whom now other customs seem far nobler than their own?
By whom your great forefathers’ ways once followed, are forsworn?

Qalb Mein Souz Nahin, Rooh Mein Ehsas Nahin
Kuch Bhi Paigham-e-Muhammad (S.A.W.) Ka Tumhain Paas Nahin

Your hearts are now of longing void, Your souls now know no zeal,
You heed no more that message great which Ahmad (PBUH) did reveal.

Stanza (15)

Jaa Ke Hote Hain Masajid Mein Saf-Aara, Tau Ghareeb
Zehmat-e-Roza Jo Karte Hain Gawara, Tau Ghareeb

If worship’s echoes ring in mosques, It is the poor who pray;
If any fasting’s hardship bear, It is the poor, today;

Naam Leta Hai Agar Koi Hamara, Tau Ghareeb
Pardah Rakhta Hai Agar Koi Tumhara, Tau Ghareeb

It is the humble and the poor who still my name esteem,
Theirs is the word, theirs is the deed, Yours the shame they redeem.

Umra Nasha-e-Doulat Mein Hain Ghafil Hum Se
Zinda Hai Millat-e-Baiza Ghurba Ke Dam Se

The rich are drunk with wine of wealth, their God they hardly know,
It is because the poor yet live That wells of Faith still flow.

Stanza (16)

Waaiz-e-Qoum Ki Woh Pukhta Khayali Na Rahi
Barq Taba’ee Na Rahi, Shaola Maqali Na Rahi

That judgment ripe is no more theirs who play your preachers’ role,
Nor kindling accents from their lips, reveal the flaming soul.

Reh Gyi Rasm-e-Azan, Rooh-e-Bilali Na Rahi
Falsafa Reh Gya, Talqeen-e-Ghazali Na Rahi

Azan yet sounds, but never now Like Bilal’s, soulfully;
Philosophy, conviction-less, Now mourns its Ghazzali,

Masjidain Marsiya Khawan Hain Ke Namazi Na Rahe
Yani Woh Sahib-e-Ausaf-e-Hijazi Na Rahe

Untrod by praying feet, the mosques lament their emptiness,
For gone are those exemplars great of Arab godliness

Stanza (17)

Shor Hai Ho Gaye Dunya Se Musalman Nabood
Hum Ye Kehte Hain Ke The Bhi Kahin Muslim Maujood!

It is said: “ The Muslims quit this world, Their days are on the wane
The Muslims died out long ago; Such a lament is vain.

Waza Mein Tum Ho Nisara, Tau Tamaddun Mein Hanood,
Yeh Musalman Hain! Jinhain Dekh Ke Sharmaen Yahood?

From Christians you have learnt your style, your culture from Hindus;
How can a race as Muslims pass who shame even the Jews?

Yun To Syed Bhi Ho, Mirza Bhi Ho, Afghan Bhi Ho
Tum Sabhi Kuch Ho, Batao To Musalman Bhi Ho!

You are known as Syed, and Mughal, you call yourselves Pathan;
But can you truly claim as well the name of Mussalman?

Stanza (18)

Dam-e-Taqreer Thi Muslim Ki Sadaqat Bebak
Adal Uss Ka Tha Qawi, Loos-e-Mara’at Se Pak

The Muslim was sincere of speech, of fear his voice was free;
Just, staunch, he scorned the slightest breath of partiality.

Shajar-e-Fitrat-e-Muslim Tha Haya Se Namnak
Tha Shujaat Mein Woh Ek Hasti-e-Fouq-Ul-Idraak

In nature, like a tree, kept fresh by modesty most rare,
Yet braver than the bravest he, intrepid past compare.

Khud Gudazi Nam-e-Kaifiat-e-Sehbayesh Bood
Khali Az Khawaish Shudan Soorat-e-Meenayesh Bood

Like wine, upon the drinker’s lips, his joy, in losing, lay;
As the cup pours its liquor out, he poured his ‘self’ away.

Stanza (19)

Har Musalman Rag-e-Batil Ke Liye Nashtar Tha
Uss Ke Aaeena-e-Hasti Mein Amal Jouhar Tha

What the knife is to cankerous growths, to all untruth was he,
His actions, in life’s mirror shone like light, vibratingly.

Jo Bharosa Tha Usse Quwwat-e-Bazoo Par Tha
Hai Tumhain Mout Ka Dar, Uss Ko Khuda Ka Dar Tha

If he was confident of aught, It was his right arm’s might,
He feared but God, while thoughts of death your craven souls affright.

Baap Ka Ilm Na Bete Ko Agar Azbar Ho
Phir Pisar Qabil-e-Miraas-e-Pidar Kyunkar Ho!

When sons, lacking their fathers’ worth, are neither skilled nor sage,
With what deserving can they claim their fathers’ heritage?

Stanza (20)

Har Koi Mast-e-Mai-e-Zauq-e-Tan Asani Hai,
Tum Musalman Ho? Ye Andaaz-e-Musalmani Hai?

he love of ease, like fumes of wine makes sots of you today,
How dare you pass as Mussalmans? That is not Islam’s way?

Haidari Faqr Hai Ne Doulat-e-Usmani Hai
Tum Ko Aslaaf Se Kya Nisbat-e-Rohani Hai?

Nor Usman’s treasure‐chest you own, Nor Ali’s empty bowl,
With spirits of such great forbears, What kinship has your soul?

Woh Zamane Mein Mu’azzaz The Musalman Ho Kar
Aur Tum Khawar Huwe Taarik-e-Quran Ho Kar

The honoured of their times, they lived, For theirs was true iman,
You live disgraced, as having left the paths of Al‐Quran.

Stanza (21)

Tum Ho Apas Mein Ghazabnak, Woh Apas Mein Raheem
Tum Khatakaar-o-Khatabeen, Woh Khata Posh-o-Kareem

You roll the eye of mutual wrath, Their eye was ever kind;
You err, for errors look, while they were generously blind.

Chahte Sub Hain Ke Hon Auj-e-Surayya Pe Muqeem,
Pehle Waisa Koi Paida Tau Kare Qalb-e-Salim!

Aspiring for the Pleiades, How simple it all seems!
But let there first be hearts like theirs, To justify such dreams.

Takht-e-Faghfoor Bhi Un Ka Tha, Sareer-e-Ke Bhi
Yunhi Baatain Hain Ke Tum Mein Woh Hameeyyat Hai Bhi?

They reigned upon the Chinese throne, They wore the Persian crown:
Where is that honour that they knew—Words are your whole renown.

Stanza (22)

Khudkushi Shewa Tumhara, Woh Ghayoor-o-Khuddar
Tum Akhuwat Se Gurezan, Woh Akhuwat Pe Nisar

They fought for honour, self‐respect, Yours the self‐slayer’s knife,
You shun the ties of brotherhood, They cherished more than life.

Tum Ho Guftar Sarapa, Woh Sarapa Kirdar
Tum Taraste Ho Kali Ko, Woh Gulistan Bah Kinar

You can but weave the web of words, They did their deeds of might:
You pine after a bud: they basked In gardens flower‐bright.

Ab Talak Yaad Hai Qoumon Ko Hikayat Un Ki
Naqsh Hai Safah-e-Hasti Pe Sadaqat Un Ki

The world remembers still the tales which hymn their bravery,
And in their storied book of life shines their sincerity.

Stanza (23)

Misl-e-Anjum Ufaq-e-Qoum Pe Roshan Bhi Huwe
But-e-Hindi Ki Mohabbat Mein Barhman Bhi Huwe

Upon your nation’s sky you rose like stars of brilliant hue,
The lure of India’s idols made even Brahmans out of you;

Shauq-e-Parwaz Mein Mehjoor-e-Nasheman Bhi Huwe
Be-Amal The Hi Jawan, Deen-e-Se Badzan Bhi Huwe

Drawn by the wander‐lust, you went a‐roving ‘from your nests:
Slothful in good, your youth next learnt to doubt their faith’s behests;

In Ko Tehzeeb Ne Har Bande Se Azad Kiya
La Ke Kaabe Se Sanamkhane Mein Abad Kiya

‘Enlightenment’ ensnared you all, and all your ‘fetters’ fell,
The land of Kaʹba you forsook, In idol‐land to dwell!

Stanza (24)

Qais Zehmat Kash-e-Tanhai-e-Sehra Na Rahe
Shehr Ki Khaye Huwa, Bad Ye Pema Na Rahe!

If longing Qais roams no more, but seeks the town again,
Leaving the lonely desert wastes to share tile life 0f men,

Woh To Diwana Hai, Basti Mein Rahe Ya Na Rahe
Ye Zaroori Hai Hijab-e-Rukh-e-Laila Na Rahe!

Qais is mad: what if he dwells in town or wilderness?
Yet from him Layla must not veil her face in bashfulness!

Gila-e-Jor Na Ho, Shikwa-e-Baidad Na Ho
Ishq Azad Hai, Kyun Husn Bhi Azad Na Ho!

Complain ye not of heart unkind nor speak of tyranny!
When Love no bondage knows, then why should Beauty not be free?

Stanza (25)

Ehd-e-Nau Barq Hai, Aatish Zan-e-Har Khirman Hai
Ayman Is Se Koi Sehra No Koi Gulshan Hai

Each stack and barn it sets on fire, This lightning‐like New Age,
Nor bowling wild nor garden gay escapes its flaming rage;

Is Nayi Aag Ka Aqwam-e-Kuhan Indhan Hai
Millat-e-Khatam-e-Rusal (S.A.W.) Shaola Ba Perahan Hai

This new fire feeds on fuel old,—The nations of the past,
And they too burn to whom was sent God’s Messenger, the last.

Aaj Bhi Jo Baraheem (A.S.) Ka Imaan Paida
Aag Kar Sakti Hai Andaz-e-Gulistan Paida

But if the faith of Abraham there, once again, is born,
Where leaps this flame, flowers will bloom, and laugh its blaze to scorn.

Stanza (26)

Dekh Kar Rang-e-Chaman Ho Na Pareshan Mali
Koukab-e-Ghuncha Se Shakhain Hain Chamakne Wali

Yet, let the gardener not be sad to see the garden’s plight,
For soon its branches will be gay with buds, like stars of light;

Khas-o-Khashaak Se Hota Hai Gulistan Khali
Gul Bar Andaaz Hai Khoon-e-Shuhada Ki Laali

The withered leaves and weeds will pass, and all its sweepings old;
For there, again, will martyr‐blood in roses red unfold.

Rang Gardoon Ka Zara Dekh Tau Unnabi Hai
Yeh Nikalte Huwe Suraj Ki Ufaq Taabi Hai

But look! a hint of russet hue, Brightening the eastern skies,
The glow on yon horizon’s brow, Heralds a new sunrise.

Stanza (27)

Ummatain  Gulshan-e-Hasti Mein Samar Cheeda Bhi Hain
Aur Mehroom-e-Samar Bhi Hain, Khazan Didah Bhi Hain

In Life’s old garden nations lived who all its fruits enjoyed,
While others longed in vain, while some the winter blasts destroyed;

Saikron Nakhl Hain, Kaheeda Bhi, Baleeda Bhi Hain
Saikron Batan-e-Chaman Mein Abhi Poshida Bhi Hain

Its trees are legion; some decay, While others flush with bloom,
And thousands still their birth await, Hid in the garden’s womb;

Nakhl-e-Islam Namoona Hai Bru-Mandi Ka
Phal Hai Ye Saikron Saalon Ki Chaman Bandi Ka

A symbol of luxuriance, The Tree of Islam reigns,
Its fruits achieved with centuries of garden‐tending pains.

Stanza (28)

Pak Hai Gard-e-Watan Se Sirr-e-Daman Tera
Tu Woh Yousaf Hai Ke Har Misr Hai Kinaan Tera

Your robe is free from dust of home, Not yours such narrow ties,
That Yousuf you, who Canaan sweet, In every Egypt lies;

Qafila Ho Na Sake Ga Kabhi Weeran Tera
Ghair Yak Bang-e-Dara Kuch Nahin Saman Tera

The qafila can ne’er disperse You holdest the starting bells9
Nothing else is needed, if your will Your onward march impels.

Nakhl-e-Shama Asti-o-Dar Shaola Dawad Resha-e-Tu
Aaqbat Soz Bawad Saya-e-Andesha-e-Tu

You candle‐tree! your wick‐like root, Its top with flame illumes,
Your thought is fire, its very breath all future care consumes.

Stanza (29)

Tu Na Mit Jaye Ga Iran Ke Mit Jane Se
Nasha-e-Mai Ko Ta’aluq Nahin Pemane Se

And you will suffer no surcease should Iran’s star decline,
It is not the vessel which decides the potency of wine;

Hai Ayan Yorish-e-Tataar Ke Afsane Se
Pasban Mil Gaye Kaabe Ko Sanam Khane Se

It is proved to all the world, from tales of Tartar conquerors,
The Kaʹba brave defenders found in temple‐worshippers.

Kashti-e-Haq Ka Zamane Mein Sahara Tu Hai
Asr-e-Nau Raat Hai, Dhundla Sa Sitara Tu Hai

In you relies the bark of God, Adrift beyond the bar,
The new‐born age is dark as night, And you its dim pole‐star.

Stanza (30)

Hai Jo Hangama Bipa Yorish-e-Balghari Ka
Ghafilon Ke Liye Pegham Hai Baidari Ka

The Bulgars march! the fiend of war in fearful fury breathes;
The message comes: “Sleepers, awake! The Balkan cauldron seethes.”

Tu Samajhta Hai Ye Saman Hai Dil Aazari Ka
Imtihan Hai Tere Isaar Ka, Khud-Dari Ka

You deem this a cause of grief,Your heart is mortified;
But no, your pride, your sacrifice, Thus, once again, are tried.

Kyun Harasan Hai Saheel-e-Faras-e-Aada Se
Noor-e-Haq Bujh Na Sake Ga Nafs-e-Aada Se

Beneath your foes if chargers neigh? Why tremble you in fright?
For never, never, shall their breath extinguish Heaven’s light.

Stanza (31)

Chashme-e-Aqwam Se Makhfi Hai Haqiqat Teri
Hai Abhi Mehfil-e-Hasti Ko Zaroorat Teri

Not yet have other nations seen what you are truly worth,
The realm of Being has need of you for perfecting this earth.

Zinda Rakhti Hai Zamane Ko Hararat Teri
Koukab-e-Qismat-e-Imkan Hai Khilafat Teri

If anything yet keeps world alive, ‘It is yours impetuous zeal,
And you will rise its ruling star, And you will shape its weal.

Waqt-e-Fursat Hai Kahan, Kaam Abhi Baqi Hai
Noor-e-Touheed Ka Itmam Abhi Baqi Hai

This is no time for idle rest, Much yet remains undone;
The lamp of tawhid needs your touch to make it shame the sun!

Stanza (32)

Misl-e-Bu Qaid Hai Ghunche Mein, Preshan Ho Ja
Rakht Bar Dosh Hawaye Chamanistan Ho Ja

You are like fragrance in the bud, Diffuse yourself: be free.
Perfume the garden breeze, and fill the earth with scent of you..

Hai Tunk Maya To Zarre Se Byaban Ho Ja
Naghma-e-Mouj Se Hangama-e-Toofan Ho Ja!

From dusty speck, do you increase to trackless desert‐main.
From a faint breeze, a tempest grow, Become a hurricane!

Quwwat-e-Ishq Se Har Past Ko Bala Kar De
Dehr Mein Ism-e-Muhammad (S.A.W.) Se Ujala Kar De

Raise you, through Love, all humble to greatness and to fame;
Enlighten you the groping world with dear Muhammad’s Name.

Stanza (33)

Ho Na Ye Phool To Bulbul Ka Tarannum Bhi Na Ho
Chaman-e-Dehr Mein Kaliyon Ka Tabassum Bhi Na Ho

If this fair flower blossom not, The bulbul will not sing,
Nor rose‐buds make the garden smile welcoming in the spring;

Ye Na Saqi Ho To Phir Mai Bhi Na Ho, Khum Bhi Na Ho
Bazm-e-Touheed Bhi Dunya Mein Na Ho, Tum Bhi Na Ho

If he is not the saki, then nor jar nor wine will be,
Nor in this world will tawhid shine, Nor your heart beat in you;

Khema Aflak Ka Istada Issi Naam Se Hai
Nabz-e-Hasti Tapish Aamadah Issi Naam Se Hai

Yonder ethereal skyey tent, This great name still sustains,
And dancing to its music, flows the blood in Life’s own veins.

Stanza (34)

Dasht Mein, Daman-e-Kuhsar Mein, Maidan Mein Hai
Behr Mein, Mouj Ki Aghosh Mein, Toofan Mein Hai

It is in the forests and the hills, And on the tranquil plains,
On the seas, in the arms of waves, In roar of hurricanes;

Cheen Ke Shehr, Maraqash Ke Byaban Mein Hai
Aur Poshida Musalman Ke Iman Mein Hai

A music heard in China’s towns, Morocco’s desert‐song,
And hid within each Muslim’s heart, It makes his faith grow strong.

Chashm-e-Aqwam Ye Nazara Abad Tak Dekhe
Riffat-e-Shan-e-‘Rafaana La Ka Zikrak’ Dekhe

Let all the peoples of the world see till the end of time,
How I have made this glorious name beyond all thought sublime!

Stanza (35)

Mardam-e-Chashm-e-Zameen Yani Woh Kali Dunya
Woh Tumhare Shuhada Palne Wali Dunya

That pupil of the eye of Earth, Soil only dark men tread,
That region where have always been your martyrs born and bred,

Garmi-e-Mehr Ki Parwarda Hilali Dunya
Ishq Wale Jise Kehte Hain Bilali Dunya

That land upon the hot sun’s lap, That land of al‐hilal,
Which lovers fondly love to call The land of their Bilal,‐‐

Tapish Andoz Hai Iss Naam Se Paare Ki Tarah
Ghouta Zan Noor Mein Hai Aankh Ke Tare Ki Tarah

Is all a‐quiver with this Name, Like trembling mercury,
Like pupils dark, in pools of light, It swims perpetually!

Stanza (36)

Aqal Hai Teri Sipar, Ishq Hai Shamsheer Teri
Mere Darvaish! Khilafat Hai Jahangeer Teri

Your shield be wisdom, be your sword the flaming Love Divine,
My fond dervish! do you not know that all the world is yours?

Ma Siwa Allah Ke Liye Aag Hai Takbeer Teri
Tu Musalman Ho To Taqdeer Hai Tadbeer Teri

All else but God is at your feet, If sounds your Takbeer great;
If you a Muslim truly are, Your effort is your fate.

Ki Muhammed (S.A.W.) Se Wafa Tu Ne Tau Hum Tere Hain
Yeh Jahan Cheez Hai Kya, Loh-o-Qalam Tere Hain

To my Muhammad be but true, And you have conquered me;
The world is nothing you will command My Pen of Destiny.

( Read Complete Explanation here - نظم کی تشریح یہاں پڑھیں )

Taqdeer aur muqadder ke hawale se hazaaro'on logo ne laakho'n warq siyaah kiye hain,aaj main

koi nayee baat nahi kaheny jaraha hun ,bus unhi baato'on ko yaad karney aur yaad karaney ki

koshish ki hai .

Jaisa ki hum sabhi jaantey hain aur baarha(so many times) apney baro'on se suna bhi hai k Allah ne Tamaam insaan ki taqdeer pahley se likh rakhi hai ,aur hamarey sath wahi hota hai jo ki hamari taqdeer main likhahota hai .Hum yeh bhi jaantey hain ki Allah taala farmaata hai ,"Ager main ne tamaam(every) cheezein(things) taqdeer mein likh di hoti to apne bando'n ko Dua mangana nahi seekhata.Humein yeh bhi maloom hai ki taqdeer ko sirf aur sirf dua hi badal sakti hai ,yeh dua hi hai jo insaan ko taqdeer ki aazmaishon se nija'at dila sakti hai .

Yeh meri zaati raay hai ,ho sakta hai kai log is se muttafiq(agreed) na hon lekin jahan tak Allah k shuker se

main sonch sakta hun woh yeh hai ki "Taqdeer jab muqadder ban jati hai, yaani jab taqdeer mein

likhi kisi cheez ka faisla ho jaata hai to woh apney muqadder yani apney anjaam ko zaroor pahunch ker rahti hai ,lekin Dua mein woh taqat hai jo muqadder ke faislo'n ko bhi kuch der taq rok sakti hai yaa uski sakhti mein kuch ya bhut kami laa sakti hai lekin jo cheez muqadder ban jaati woh apney anjaam taq zaroor pahunchti hai ".

Ek bari hi galat baat  jo hum logo mein aagai hai hum mein se akser log yeh kahtey hain ki Allah hamaari sunta hi nahi hai ,itni duyaaein ki itni mannatein ki lekin koi faayda nahi hua,per sach to yeh hai ki Momin ki koi duaa raayega nahi jaati ,kuch dua'on ka aser jald ho jaata hai ,kuch ka der se aur kuch duaayein sawaab ke zakhirey mein chali jaati hai ,jinhein jab insaan Qyamat ke din dekhey gaa to kahegaa ki yeh sawaab ka zakhiraa kahan se agaya aur yeh jaan ker ki yeh uski dunya mein aser na honey honey wali duayein hain to kahegaa Kaash ki meri koi bhi duaa kabool na hui hoti aur sab ka phal (fruit) humein yahaan akhirat mil jataa.

Allah apney bando se bhut mohabbat karta hai woh apney bando ko woh nahi detaa jis ke liye banda zid karta balki woh deta hai jo uskey ke liye dunya aur akhirat ke bhalayee ke liye behtar hota hai .

Jis tarah  jab koi chota bacha apne baro'n se aisi cheez ki zid karta hai jo usey acha lagta hai lekin woh nahi janta hai ki woh us ke liye nuksaandeh ho sakta hai,to hamarey barey jo jantey hain bachey ko woh cheez bachey se be-intehaa mohabbat honey ke ba-wajood nahi detey aur usey rok detey hai ki usey ko nuksaan na ho,aur uskey badal doosri achi cheez bachey ko detey hain.

To thora sa zehan per gaur deney se yeh baat samjh aajayegi ki  Jo Allah Apney bando se satter(70) maa se zyadaa pyaar karta hai bando'n ki kam aqali aur zid ki wajah se aisi cheez de sakta hai jo usey mushaqqat mein daal dey?? Nahi !!! Beshaq Allah Haqeem aur her cheezo'n ko jaanney wala jo hum nahi jaanety hain.

 yeh to taqdeer,muqadder aur dua ka mamla hai lekin ek aur cheez hai jo ki taqdeer ke faisalon mein khaas kirdaar adaa karti hai woh hai insaano ke aamaal aur us ke kirdaar.Insaan ke aamaal aur kirdaar jaisey hotey hain uski taqdeer ke faisley bhi usi mutabiq hotey hain. Jis tarah dunya mein hum dekhtey hain ek ustaad shaagirdo(students) ke performance ko dekh ker unhein number aur grade faraham karta hai, jis tarah ek Sipaah salaar sipaahiyo'n ki bahaaduri aur dileri dekh ker usey in'aamaat faraaham karta hai,jis tarah khilariyon ke performance ki bunyaad per unkey level aur team mein un ki position decide ki jaati hai, Allah bhi Insaano ke amaal aur kirdaar ki

bunyaad per insaan'on ki taqdeer ka faisla karta hai.

Allah bhut hi gafoor-ur-Raheem hai woh kabhi nahi chahta ki uskaa koi bhi banda jahannum ki aag ka indhan baney ,Yeh to Insaan hai jo apney amaal se apne aap per zulm karta hai aur apney aap ko musibat mein daal leta hai.

Alama Iqbal(r.a)  ne bhut hi khoobsurat andaaz mein is baat ko kahney ki koshish ki hai .

                                     Amal se zindagi banti hai jannat bhi jahannum bhi

                                    Yeh khaaki apni fitrat mein na noori hai na naari hai

Akser insaan apni kismat aur taqdeer ka rona rota rahta hai aur apni taqdeer ka rona rota rahta hai,Jab ki Allah kabhi kisi bhi insaan per uski taqat se zyada bhaar nahi daalta.

Ek kissa hai  jo main ne apne bar'on ki zubaani suna hai,shayad aap logo ne bhi suna ho ,Kisi ga'on(village) mein do log rahtey they ,ek shaks(person) woh jis ke amaal bhut achey they ,aur doosra shaks jis ke amaal bhut achey nahi they ,Pahla shaks jis ke amaal bhut achey they woh hamesha kisi na kisi musibat mein ghiraa rahtaa tha,aur kaafi tang haal(poor) tha ,jabki doosrey shaks ke paas kuch kami na thi akser kahin na kahin se usey maal-o-daulat miltey rahtey they .Garz yeh ke achey amaal wala parishaanio'n mein aur burey amaal wala masti mein zindagi guzaar raha tha.

Ek din dono raat ko apney gher wapis laut rahey they to jis shaks ke amaal achey they woh thoker kha ker gir jaata hai aur us ke pair toot jaatey hain,jabki thori der baad jab doosra shaks jis ke amaal achey nahi they usi jagah thoker khata hai aur usey ashrafiyo'n(GOld coins) ki thaili( bag) milti hai jise utha ker woh gher chala aata hai. Subh dono ki jab mulaqaat hoti hai to jis ke amaal achey na they woh doosrey shaks se pair toot janey ki wajah poochta hai jab usey maloom hota hai ki isey raat ko thoker lagi thi ,to yeh kahta hai ki raat ko to mujhey bhi to usi jagah thoker lagi thi lekin mujhey to asrafiyo'n ki thaili mili,aur apni kismat per naaz karta hua aagey berh jata hai.

Ab yeh becharaa sonchney lagta hai ki main koi buraa kaam bhi nahi karta phir bhi mere sath

buraa kyun ho raha hai ,us ke to amaal bhi achey nahi hain phir bhi  usey inaam per inaam.

Ab yeh Allah ke hazoor duaa karta hai aur us sey apney sath honey waaley halat ka sawaal karta hai aur apney sath honey waley hadsey ki haqeeqat maloom karta hai .

To usey Allah ki taraf se bataya jaata hai ki Jis shaks ko Pichley raat ashrafiyo'n ki thaili mili Allah

ne uski taqdeer mein baadshaaht likhi thi lekin woh apney kharaab amaal ki wajah se apney muqadder ko nahi paa saka,is liye ALlah ne jitni bhi daulat uski kismat mein likhi thi thora thora ker ke usey pahunchata raha aur kal raat jo usey haath lagaa woh usey milney waali aakhri daulat thi .

Aur teri Taqdeer mein likha tha ki tujhey sooli(hang up) per latkaa per maut di jaayegi lekin terey

achey amaal ki wajah se tera muqadder badal gaya aur tujh per Allah ne raham kiya terey sirf pair tootey. jab yeh baat us nek shaks ko maloom hui to woh sajada mein gir jata hai  aur Allah ka shukr baja  lata hai aur apney nashukri  ke liye Allah se  maafi maang leta hai ..

Zaroori nahi jo humein bazahir azaab lagey woh azaab hai ,yeh sab to Allah ki aazmaish hoti hai ,Allah ki janaib se milney waali taqleef bhi der-haqeeqat Us ki rahmat hoti hai ,Lekin hum insaan samjhtey nahi aur bus nashukri kiye jaatey hain .

Hum mein akser log yeh samjhety hain k jis ke paas daulat hai shuhrat hai Allah us per bhut meharbaan hai aur bus usi per Allah ki rahmat hai aur uski kismat bhut achi hai ,lekin zaroori nahi ki jis ke paas daulat aur shuhrat ho us per Allah ki rahmat bhi ho ,aur zaroori nahi jo tang haal hain aur bhut greeb hai un per Allah ki rahmat nahi hai . Ager Daulat hi Allah ki rahmat ki nishaani hoti to Firaun,Qaroon aur Saddaad jaiso'n ko Allah kuch bhi nahi detaa,Aur Allah ke nabiyo'n per koi tangi nahi guzarti ,Khud Hamaarey aur aapkey Akaa Mohammed(Sal-lal-laahu-Alihey wasallam) per kabhi faqey ki naubat nahi aati.

Bus Insaan ke achey amaal hi us per Allah ki rahamt aur dunyaa aur akhirat mein kaamyabi ka faisla ker saktey hain,Aur Dunyaa mein zyadaa maal honaa kamyaabi nahi, zyaada barey ohdey honaa kamyaabi nai ,kamyaab to woh hain Jin se Allah kush hai jin ke amaal achey hain, Allah unekey dilo'on ko aisa sakoon ataa kartaa hai ki unkey paas dunyawi daulat ho na ho woh her haal mein Allah se kush rahtey hai aur Allah ka hamd-o-shukr kartey rahtey hain,lekin ek talqh(bitter) haqiqat yeh bhi hai ki yeh sakoon her kisi ko naseeb nahi hota,kyun hum insaaan bhut hi naashukrey aur bhut hi jaldbaaz hotey hain.

Ek bhut hi sabk amooz kissa hai Hazrat Ayyoob nabi(peace be upon him) ka bhut hi jaleel-ul-qader nabi guzrey hain,Allah ne bepanaah daulat ,shuhrat ,izzat,aur Bhut se Aulaad(childrens) se nawazaa tha.goya koi kami na thi,aur sab se bari baat Allah ki rahmat thi ,her waqt Allah ka shukr adaa kartey rahtey they Allah ke bhut hi fermaberdaar they ,Allah in se aur yeh Allah se kush they.

Phir ek din shytaan ne Allah se kaha ki jis tarah Ayyoob(peace be upon him) teri hamd-o-shukr karta hai koi bhi ker sakta hai,kyun ki aapney isey saari neymatein de rakhi hain ,phir bhala yeh kyun na tera shuker karey,Allah ne Shytaan se ki yeh mera bandaa hai is ke paas kuch ho ya na ho yeh meraa hamd-o-shukr karta rahegaa,phir Allah ne shytaan ko apney mahboob Nabi ki mohabbat dikhaaney ke liye un se unkey saarey maal-o-daulat wapis le liyee .lekin Ayyoob(peace be upon him) ki shuker guzaari mein koi kami nahi aayee , phir shiytaan ne Aulaad aur sehat ki baat ki ,phir Allah ne ek ek ker ke saarey aulaad waps le liyee,aur aisi bimaari mein mubtalaa kar diyaaa k jaisi bimaaari aaj taq kisi ko na hui hogi phir bhi Ayyob( peace be upon him) ki shuker guzari mein koi kami na aayee aur koi shqwa nahi kiya,aur shytan sharmindaa ho ker rah gayaa,in ko aisi bimaari hui thi ke 18 saal taq us bemaari mein mubtala(suffer) rahey sarey jis mein qeerey per gaye they ,koi qeera ager zameen per gir jataa to usey utha ker dubara apney jism per rakh letey aur kahtey tum Allah ke mehmaan ho aur Allah ne merey jism mein tumharai gazaa

(food) rakhi aur Allah ka shuker adaa kartey rahtey.

Jab Allah ne Bemaari se 18 saal baad nijaat di to ek baar logo ne poocha O ! Ayyoob bimaari ke din bhi yaad aatey hain ?? To Ayyoob (peace be upon him) ne kahaa ke bimaari ke din zayaada achey they ,logo ko hairat hui,kahney lagey Allah ka shukr karo jis ne tumhey bimaari se nijaat di ,Aap ne kaha uskato shuker guzaar hi to hun lekin jab main beemaar tha to Allah din bher mein ek baar meraa haal poochta tha ki"Ayyooob kaisey ho" aur jab yeh awaaz merey kaano'n mein jaati thi to mere kano mein aisa rus sa ghul jaata tha ki jis ke ehsaas merey poorey wajood ko tar-o-tazaa kar detaa tha aur is ehsaas ki taseer khatm bhi na hoti thi ke mera Allah dubaara mujh se pooch leta tha ki "Ayyoob kaisey ho ".

Bus Insaan ko chahiye ki woh her haal mein Allah ka shukr adaa karta rahey aur saber ka daman na chorey Allah ne humein jitni naymatein di hain unka tamaam umer bhi shuker kartey rahein to bhi haq ada na hoga. Beshaq Insaan baraa na shukraa hota hai .

Hum Insaan hameshaa daulat ke peechey bhaagtey bhaagtey zindagi tabaah kar letey hain halal haraam ki parwah bhi nahi kartey hain rizk ki talash mein khud ko mushkil mein daal letey hain .Jabki Allah ne Rizk ki Zimmedaari khud apney hatho'n mein rakha hai Insaan ko utna hi milta hai Jitna us ki taqdeer mein likh diya hota hai .

                                     Khuda ko bhool gaye hian log fikr rozi mein

                                     Khayal rizk hai Razik ka khyaal nahi .........

Ek Kissa hai jis ke baad  hum yeh kah saktey hain ki Insaan jo chahey hasil kar sakta hai  per shart yeh hai k us ke amaal achey hon,aur Allah ke rahmat ka shukrGuzaar ho,Phir uski Taqdeer mein kuch ho ya naho Allah us key aamaal aur shukrguzaari aur Mohabbat ki wajah se usey gani(malaamaal) kar detey hain.

Bani Israael mein ek shaks rahta tha jo rizk ki tangi ka shikaar tha ,usey kabhi itni rizk moyassar nahi hoti thi ki woh pet bher khana bhi kha sakey ,Ek din us ne Musa(peace be upon him ) se kaha ki ay nabe-e-khuda aap Allah se Dua kardein ki woh meri zindagi bher ki rizk ek baar hi ataa kar dey,kum se kum kuch waqt hi sahi ache se asudaa (satisfied) hoker kha lun,Musa(peace be upon him) ne Allah se dua dua kar di,Allah ne us shaks ko uski zindagi bher ki rizk ek baar mein ata kar diyaa.

Kaafi arsaa guzer jaaney ke baad ek din Musa( peace be upon him) ko woh shaks phir mila ,dekha to woh kafi achey halat mein tha,lagta hi na tha ki yeh kabhi  rizk ki tangi ka shikaar bhi raha hoga,Musa(peace be upon him) Allah se baat kar saktey they ,Allah se poocha ya Allah yeh kyaa majra hai ,us shaks ki saari zindagi bher ki bhi rizk itni to na thi ki kuch arsa se zyada chal sakta,jab ki main ney usey bhut hi achey halat mein dekha hai jaisey woh kabhi rizk ki tangi ka shikar raha hi na ho.Allah jo sab se berh ker nawaaz ne waala hai,Allah ne kaha ki us shaks ne mujh se tijaarat ker li hai ,is liye usey itnaa faydaa hua hai ,Musa(peace be upon him) ne poocha tujh se tijaarat se kya muraad hai Allah ne farmaya meri rah mein kahrch karna,mere gareeb aur kamzor bando ki jaan-o-maal se madad karna mere sath tijaarat karney jaisa hai,aur jo mere sath tijaarat karta hai usey sirf faayda hota hai ,koi ghaata nahi hota.

Khulasaa yeh hai ke ki insaan apney achey aamal se apni taqdeer badal sakta hai ,humein apney aamaal durast karney chahiye.

Ek aur bat jis per roshni daalna main zaroori samjhta hun ,yeh baat sabhi naujawaan larkey larkiyo'n ke maa baap ko fikar mand karti hai ki najaaney larkey larkiyo'n ko paakbaaz saathi milega yaa nhi,aur larkey larkiya'n khud bhi isi fikar mein rahtey hain ,Jabki Allah ne sab ka Jor pahley se hi bana rakha hai aur Allah Quran kareem mein surah Noor mein farmata hai ki "paakbaaz mard hai paakbaaz aurto'n ke liye aur khabees mard hain khabees aurto'n ke liye"

phir kaisi fiqar mandi.

zaroorat hai hum khud ko paak rakhein gandi cheezo'n se to In Sha Allah zaroor aur zaroor Jo aap ka saathi hoga woh paak hoga.logo ke aagey apni hajat rakheny aur unsey sawaal karney se acha hai  ki hum Allah se apni zaroorto'n aur hajaato'n ka sawaal karein.Do riqa'at Namaaz-e-hajat perh ker sachey dil se maangi gayee dua logo ke aagey dast-e-daraazi se crore guna behter hai.

Lekin hamaara imaan itna kamzor hai ki hum insaano'n per to bharosa kar leta hain per Allah per bharosa nahi kartey . Allah humein maaf karey hum to Allah ko zaalim tak kah detey hain jo hum per thori bhi musibat aati hai.

Lekin haqeeqat to yeh ki musibat naam ki koi cheez hi nahi hoti hai sirf rahmat hi rahmat hoti hai,jo bazahir musibat nazer aati hai woh bhi asal mein neymat hi hoti hai mager hum Aqal nahi rakhtey.

Maal-o-daulat ki tangi ,nazer aaney wali parishaniya'n dikheny wala nuksaan saari ki saari aazmaish hai.Maal-o-daulat ki barhotri,izzat aur shuhrat sab ke sab aazmaish hai ,Allah kabhi  apni neymate'n de ker aazmata hai kabhi apni neymate'n wapis le ker aazmata hai .Insaano'n ka to kuch bhi nahi hai ,dunya mein khaali haath aaya, woh bhi apni gunah aur galati ki ki wajah se Allah ko naraaz ker ke pahuncha hai,bus usey kush ker ke apney asal muqaam tak pahchunchna insaan ka maqsad hona chahiyee.Hamaari saari mehant usey kush karney mein lagna chahiye,Ab chahey woh humein de ker aazmaye ya le ker aazmaaye.Mohabbat ki pahchaan to yeh hai ki hum bus Allah ka shuker ada karkey aur uski aazmaish per utarney ki fikar karte rahein.Jab Woh kush ho jaayega to hamari saari parishaaniya'n door ho jaayengi aur dono jahaano'n mein chain aur sakoon naseeb hoga,phir chaahey dunya mein dunyaawee asbaab bhut zyadaa ho'n yaa bhut kam dil hameshaa pur sakoon aur Allah ki mohabbat mein jhoomta rahey gaa.

Ager is baat ko parakhna chahtey ho ki Allah ki taraf se aaney wali aazmaish rahmat hai yaa azaab to apney dil se poocho ager Dil Allah ki taraf mutawajja hai aur Allah ki yaad se gafil nahi hua aur dil Allah se kush hai to yeh Allah ki rahmat hai,aur Allah bhi tum se kush hai aur jo bhi aazmaish hai woh waqti hai,Allah apni rahmato'n ke khazaaney aur barhaa degaa .Lekin ager

dil Allah ki yaad se gafil ho gayaa aur Allah k rastey se door ho gaya to yeh Allah ka Azaab hai ,na shukri ki wajah se jo kabhi bhi apni giraft mein jaker sakta hai .

Zindagi to bus aazmaish hai aur sachaa ashiq apney mahboob ki her aazmaish per poora utarney ki koshish kartaa hai tab jaker mahboob ki nazr-e-karam hoti hai .

                                    Zindagi hai aazmaish, aazmaish zindagi

                                    khatm hogi aazmaish,khatm hogi zindagi

                                   Wisaal hai jisey log maut samjh letey hain

                                   Khatam hogi zindagi,hoga aagaaz-e-zindagi.


Ek baat to main bhool hi gaya thaa Hum per jo Allah ki sab se Azeem rahmat hui woh yeh k Allah ne humein binaa koi parishaani ke bina koi mushaqqat k Imaan walaa banayaa aur humey MOhammad(sal-lal-laahu-alaihey-wasallam) hazaaron lakho'n aur be-hisaab se darood ho hamarey akaa per kaa Umaati banaayaa .Aur Aap(Mohammad(sal-lal-laahu-alaihey-wasallam ) ki hi barkat se humey Islaam naseeb hua.

Allah se Dua hai ki woh humein Apna aur Apney pyaarey Nabi ka sacha Ishq naseeb farmaaye aur humein her aazmaish ka saber aur shuker se muqaabla karney ki taqat ataa famaye,sath hi Allah se yeh bhi dua kartey hain ki Humein zyadaa aazmaisho'n mein na daal hum bhut hi kamzor aur naatwaan hain ,hamara imaan bhi kamzor hai ,Humaarey imaan ko taqat dey,hum perrahm-o-karam ka mamla farmaye,Dunya aur akhirat mein aala muqaam ataa farma,aur apney Mahboob nabi Mohammad(sal-lal-laahu-alaihey-wasallam) se sachi mohabbat naseeb farma aur Mohammad(sal-lal-laahu-alaihey-wasallam) ke sadqe mein hamari magfirat farma.

Ek zaroori baat Hadees shareef mein aaya hai ki Shabaan-e-mukarram ki 15wein shaab jo ki aaj hi ki raat hai yaani shab-e-baraat ko Allah banu-Qalb ke bakriyo'n ke balo'n ke barabaer logo ki magfirat karta hai,Aur aaj hi ke din jin logo ki rooh kabz karni hai unki list Maut ke farishtey ko di jaati hai .Allah humein is raat ki Qader karney ki taufeeq ataa farmyee aur na pasandeedah kamo'n se hamaari hifazat farmye,Hamaarey aamaal achey kardey aur hamaarey sath khair ka mamla farmaye.

Main ne bus apney Dil ki baat kahney ki koshish ki hai Allah mujhe maaf karey aur mujh per raham-o-karam ka mamla karey.

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